The Tariff Battles and What Lies Ahead

What’s really behind the trade wars? And where is it all leading?

Few events have shaken up world markets as the recent trade battles between the U.S. and much of the developed world. But beyond the headlines there are a number of compelling actions being taken by trade partners-cum-foes that give strong indications of where global trade is headed. INTL FCStone’s latest white paper, The Tariff Battles and What Lies Ahead, sheds light on these behind-the-scenes actions and shows what’s really driving the major actors.

In the paper, you will learn:

  • The context behind the trade wars
  • The relative strengths of the opposing sides
  • The seldom discussed actions that can nullify tariffs
  • How politics is playing an unseen role in the trade battles
  • The new normal in global trade that is shaping up


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